To supervise departmental activities to meet quality, efficiency and delivery objectives.

To maintain adherence to all company policies and procedures


• Assign work to operators and equipment to meet production requirements.

• Collect and monitor productivity data from the operators for submission to the production manager. Take action to improve efficiency as required.

• Assure product quality is maintained through adherence to process and product documentation and procedures.

• Collect and Monitor defect data from operators for submission to Q.A.

• Assure accurate and timely implementation of engineering changes as required on product, programs and assembly aids as notified by engineering.

• Interface with other departments to quickly resolve manufacturing problems and implement required corrective action as necessary as related to delivery, quality, engineering and materials.

• Fill in for set-up as necessary to maintain production processes, train employees and build or inspect product.

• Order and obtain production supplies and tools.

• Recommend improvements and corrective actions to the production manager on all aspects of production quality, quantity and departmental environment.

• Control material within department during production. Order and obtain shortages. Submit non-conforming material to MRB.

• Train department employees to operating procedures and maintain training status of all department employees.

• Enter work-in-process into the MIS to update and maintain accurate product status and inventory.

• Implement ECN’S and maintain MPI files within the department.

• Disposition quality rejections with the Process Engineer and develop/implement corrective action as required.

• Responsible for performance reporting as required (such as weekly activity reports).

• Communicate and enforce company policies and procedures (through daily activities and participation in the evaluation process) regarding safety, benefits, attendance, housekeeping, morale, and general performance. Maintain accurate files on each employee’s performance.

• Serve on Safety Committee, perform monthly safety audits and report to Safety Supervisor.

• Responsible for continuously checking for unsafe conditions and work practices within the department. Take corrective action or report unsafe conditions/practices to manager.

• Make certain that all personnel have, use and understand the required personal protective equipment necessary to perform their job.

• Required to work overtime when needed.


• Associates degree in business or a related field, or a commensurate level of related experience

• 3-5 years specifically related experience

• Organizational skills

• Ability to be innovative, creative, and strong problem solving skills a must

• Able to coordinate a high level of activity under a variety of condition and constraints

• Ability to prioritize effectively

• Planning, organizing, motivational skills


• Excellent oral/written communication skills

• Able to interface effectively with all levels of the organization

• Able to effectively present ideas to management


• Directly responsible for motivating personnel, morale, production, and quality in the department

• Provide training, guidance, support and direction to subordinate personnel

• Supervises 25-50 direct labor employees


• Majority of time spent on the production floor assisting personnel

• Balance to time spent on record keeping and actual hands on production when necessary


• Safety glasses must be worn in designated areas of the production

• When filling in for operators safety requirements for that position must be observed

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Procure standard “off the shelf” material and/or supplies considering price, quality, delivery, and supplier reliability through understanding of company needs and knowledge of relevant markets and products. Intensive clerical effort in creating and managing reports to expedite open orders.


• Prepare and issue requests for quotations, evaluate responses, conduct price analysis, and recommend or select a satisfactory source

• Provide required materials, good and services by issuing purchase orders to reliable sources of supply

• Assure delivery of purchases in a timely manner through follow-up on all purchase orders, expediting delivery when necessary, and investigating any delays or problems related to a purchase order

• Maintain cooperative vendor relations by meeting with sales representatives and retaining open and direct lines of communication

• Keep operations personnel supervisor aware of available products, new product developments, and most suitable supplier of required materials by collecting and maintaining literature files, and other data on sources, prices, and specifications

• Track delivery schedule, reliability and the performance of suppliers through maintenance of accurate files related to purchases, analyzing receiving reports, and accounts payable records. Also, compare initial purchase agreements and procurement specifications with suppliers performance

• Strive to achieve corporate and departmental objectives

• Process OE’s and OC’s and update system as required

• Freedom Act:

What to buy is predetermined.

The price to be paid and the supplier to be contacted is usually

available from purchasing records; so most purchases by the buyer

are standard off-the-shelf items. Some negotiation may be required

to obtain the required materials with in particular time-frame.

• Communicate and maintain PO schedules and schedule changes with suppliers (and customers for consigned material) based on buyer direction and MRP requirements.

• Expedite incoming material through Receiving, ESR, NCMR, and stores.

• Order expensed supplies and materials based upon approved requisitions as required.

• Enter changes and updates to the promised due dates of material in the MIS system based on supplier feedback.

• Action Outside Service Messages from MRP weekly.

• Review production schedules, pre-pull listings, shortage listings, and open purchase order reports on a daily basis to identify shortages that have the potential to stop production. If delivery issues are identified’ to search out potential solutions and present them to Buyers and/or Production for resolution.

• Initiate Order Changes to change production schedule based on material constraints, as directed by the Senior Buyers or Purchasing Manager.

• Assist production on material flow issues (i.e. ECN changes, shortages, material transfers, shipment upgrades to meet production schedules) as required.

• Inform and action receiving quantity discrepancies with vendors.

• Assist Finance on resolving invoice discrepancies related to PO receipts.

• Assist Finance with communication to suppliers regarding payments, as required.

• Communicate upcoming supplier COD, CIA and Prepay shipments to Finance for action.

• Adhere to all company and departmental policies and procedures

• Ensure work area is neat, clean and in safe condition at all times

• Report any accidents or unsafe conditions to Supervisor

The above duties may be supplemented occasionally with other job duties and/or assignments related to career or personal development.


• Bachelor’s degree in Business or Technical or equivalent experience in procurement

• Exposure to manufacturing processes or general industrial operations is helpful

• Substantial proficiency with MS Excel

• Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously


• Excellent oral/written communication skills

• Able to communicate with vendors, customers, and internal departments when required


• Office environment

• No health hazard involved. Some exposure to injuries such as bruises, etc. Exposure to serious health hazard not likely.

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Mechanical  Assembler


Perform routine, repetitive type assembly operations involving simple work sequence. Exercise care in assembly, low level allotment or adjusting operations.


• Install mechanical components on upper level finish product per the assembly visual aid

• Use power driver or other mechanical assembly tools to insert screws or similar hardware

• Use of mechanical assembly fixtures or other aids where manual dexterity may be needed.

• Drive manual or electric fork trucks as needed.

• Inspect previously installed components for presence and polarity using the naked eye

• Log output of finished units for efficiency and quality reporting

• Assemble components to PCB per assembly visual aids using pop riveters, torque drivers, and other hand held or air tools

• Assembly of product for upper assembly using mechanical parts, plastics, metals, LCD’s, and other peripherals on an assembly line.

• Continuous lifting of no more than 20 lbs.

• Perform other duties as required by supervisor.

• Use thermal compounds, RTV, silicones, masking or their related product in the assembly of PCB's

• Some basic testing on go/no go test sets.

• Work cohesively in a team environment

• Assist in the training of other employees in the duties of manual assembly

• Adhere to all company and departmental procedures

• Ensure work area is neat, clean, and in a safe condition at all times

• Report any accidents or unsafe conditions to Supervisor


• Basic math (add/subtract, multiply/divide, decimals)

• Reading Comprehension

• Ability to identify color coded parts and documentation

• Manual dexterity

• Vision corrected to 20/20

• Ability to operate hand and power tools


• Good oral communication skills



• Work is performed in close proximity to others

• Majority of time is spent in sitting position

• Some lifting, occasionally than 25 lbs

• Safety shoes may be required.

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